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Monday, September 4, 2017

How to increase app downloads and Push to Rank #1

Every app owner wants to get good rank in search results. In this blog-post, we'll come across a website 4 services: keyword rank boosts, application installs, app ratings and reviews and from different countries such as : USA, Germany, UK, India, Korea, Japan, Canada and Australia ...

How-to-increase-app-downloads -and-Push-to-Rank-1

First, Enter to the website that you'll find in the end of this blog-post and click on 'SIGN UP'.


Second, fill in all the boxes with the right data then confirm your registration via email.

keytop-sign-upWhen you complete all steps, log in to your account to find 20$. Now, we will increase downloads and ratings for your app.


Now, click on 'Add Application', then 'Add new app', put your application's link and click on 'Promote'.


  • In the 'Country' box, you can choose between these countries: USA, Germany, UK, India, Korea, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Australia.
  • In the second box 'Installs',  select the numbers of downloads you want of your application.
  • In the third box 'Keywords', write down all keywords that are related to your app.
  • In the fourth box 'Rates', select the number of stars you want to get on each review.
  • In the fifth box 'User reviews', select the number of reviews you want to receive and finally click on 'Start Promotion'.

When your free trial ends, change your address IP and create another account using another mail and you will get another 20$.

Link used : KeyApp.

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