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Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Bypass/Change the Password for Windows (10,8 , 8.1 ,7...)

Forgetting your password may be a big problem for those who don't have any technical background. Fortunately, there is an easy way to reset your Windows password in all versions ( Windows 7, Vista, 8 ,8.1 and Widows 10) without losing data. All you need is a simple tool that you can download it below this blog-post, and follow steps explained below of how to use it.

How to Bypass/Change the Password for Windows (10,8 , 8.1 ,7...)

The tool used to reset and change the password for Windows is called 'Passcape Reset Windows Password'. 

Passcape Reset Windows Password was developed for resetting, changing and recovering Windows logon passwords and unlocking user account. For example, when the Administrator’s password is lost or forgotten. Reset Windows Password stands for the most functionally richest solution in its class. The program supports all versions of Windows, works with Active Directory, possesses artificial intelligence skills for recovering passwords instantly to certain accounts, can load hard disk drivers "on the fly" and demonstrates a number of additional unique features.

After downloading the tool as an ISO file, you will need a program to burn it on USB or CD or DVD, depending on your choice. I recommend 'rufus' because it is easy and simple.

After burning and configuring the tool on USB, Boot your computer on USB or CD.

boot menu

You will see this interface. Once you have identified the status, you will be provided with a list of different operations you can perform to bypass the password on your device. Choose the 1st option and click 'Next'.

edit user account properties

In the second window, click Next without changing anything.

edit user account properties

Next step, choose the user account whose password you want to change and click Next.

reset or change user account password

Now, choose a new password and on click 'Reset / Change' 

ressetting sam user account password step 4of 4

Download: Passcape Reset Windows Password

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