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Thursday, November 29, 2018

How to Remove Viruses and Malware from Google Chrome

Almost all Internet users uses Google Chrome as a default browser. This is due to several provided features better than other browsers. However, sometimes you may face some problems while navigating on Internet, that is why Google included a new tool called "cleanup" in the latest versions of its browser.

How to Remove Viruses and Malware from Google Chrome

How to access and use the tool on Google Chrome:

1. Open Chrome, and paste the following address: 'chrome://settings/cleanup' in the address bar and press Enter.

2. Wait for the scan to complete - it may take several minutes.

3. Delete all items found.

The tool looks only for plugins and other browser-related malware. Therefore, we should not consider it an anti-virus alternative on your computer.

When is the feature turned on?

1. When you can not delete a particular extension

When you download an add-in, then, you notice that it is not working properly, and you want to remove it, but you are surprised that it is not removable. Here comes the role of this feature that will do the necessary work.

2. Home changed on its own

If any unfamiliar website is automatically opened on the browser home page, it also means that there is a sign of external interference. You must take the necessary steps and this tool will undoubtedly help you.

3. Surprise ads

When ads appear to you unexpectedly even in trusted sites, something is not false. Therefore, you need to take steps to fix the problem, including running this tool to check your browser. To prevent such ads from appearing in the future, you should download programs and extensions only from secure sources.

4. Chrome is too slow

If your browser becomes significantly slow, it's possible that some malicious processes are running in the background, for example, a particular add on that exploits your device's resources to mine coins. In this case, this tool will also help you to discover it.

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