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Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Encrypt any File on Windows [NO SOFTWARE]

You may sometimes have an important folder that contains sensitive files, So you don't want it to be in the hands of others. Then, you might think about protecting it by setting up a password using a software. 
The question is: Is this method effective ? Sure, no, because today's passwords are easy to break through a set of tools, especially Linux, in minutes using a powerful computer.

So, in today blog-post, we'll show you how secure any file and make opening it only possible on your own device.

How to Encrypt any File on Windows [NO SOFTWARE]

Before this, you should know that anyone who is connected to the same network is able to access your computer remotely and take any file, without knowing even this, who knows maybe you already got this with you but you did not realize? Therefore, in order to avoid stealing one of your important files in the hands of others, you can simply encrypt them. This will certainly not prevent others from stealing the file, but will prevent them from reading the content as we said earlier.

First, move your important files in a special folder, right-click it and choose

properties of a folder

Then click 'Advanced'.

advanced of folder

Check 'encrypt content to secure data' and press 'ok'.

encrypt content to secure data

Then just keep clicking on 'ok' as shown below.

So you have just finished encrypting the folder, try to read it on another computer and you will notice that this is impossible.

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