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Friday, February 1, 2019

How to Bypass "PayWalls" for Free [EASY]

Paywall is a "firewall" that prevents users from accessing restricted content on different Web pages. It is a way for websites to increase their revenue. ByPass Paywalls is a Firefox or Google Chrome add-on designed to bypass Paywall (you don't have to sign up).This add-on will let you complete articles in the most important global sites such as Quora, New York Times ....

How to Bypass "PayWalls" for Free [EASY]

What is a paywall firewall?

There are several types of "paywall." There are those who ask the reader to sign up in order to access to restricted content (paid or free). Payered paywall offers the user to read content without having to sign up. If the content is interesting, paywall allows you to access restricted content by signing up.

Then, there is a firewall or wall scanning, which allows us to access the content of a Website on terms. For example, answering an online survey. There is also tools that force users to share the content in their social networks. 


Bypass Paywalls is very easy to use

Once the extension is installed, the extension will list all the Web pages that you can bypass Paywalls. With additional settings, you can deselect the pages or sites you are not using.

The extension isn't anymore on the store extension of both browsers, so you can download them from Github; just follow the instructions there :

Google Chrome : Bypass Paywall
Firefox : Bypass Paywall

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