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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Beacon: Ultimate Search Engine (Google) for the Dark Web

The dark web is still a mystery to many people. Most Internet users think that this dark side is only the place to find illegal materials, but this is not absolutely true.

Beacon: Ultimate Search Engine (Google) for the Dark Web

There are news organizations like Pro Publica and NYTimes, which have Onion's websites on the deep web to publish news that may be censored. These sites also help readers to read news and information without invading their privacy. However, most of dark web content is gambling websites, illegal content, spreading false information, stealing identity, and so forth.

So, in order to put the dark web on the spotlight, Echosec recently released a tool called Beacon.

So, what is Beacon?

According to the CEO of Echosec, Beacon is a search engine for the Dark Web. It's simple and comes with some advanced search tools. Beacon's goal is to make searching for non-indexed data in the dark web as easy as using a regular search engine. In simple words, Beacon is Google for the dark web.

The company has already crawled and indexed tons of useful content. So everyone can easily access this information. According to CTO in Echosec, users will not need a proxy server or TOR browser to access this data anonymously.


Why is this engine useful?

Personal data, physical goods,and confidential records are all being bought and sold on underground forums. You need to know when darknet dealings are putting your company at risk. Beacon is a darknet intelligence solution that can help you discover threats on the darknet, learn about the attackers and their motives, and prevent future attacks.

The website is primarily intended for companies and if you want to try the site you can send the request at this link : Beacon.

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