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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Top 5 Useful Tools to Make a Video Presentation

How to present and promote your startup or business idea? Video is definitely one of the most effective methods. Here are 5 free tools to keep an eye on.

Top 5 Useful Tools to Make a Video Presentation

The goal of a video presentation is to make the public understand quickly and intuitively what a business project or company deals with. The more the montage of animated images, texts and sounds is captivating, the more effective and comprehensible the message will be communicating. Like any promotional video, even a video presentation must stage a story. There must be a storytelling able to excite and engage the viewer.

At this point, we can help with some useful tools and editing programs available on the net, which would help you to create amazing videos in a simple and fast way.

1) FlexClip

A tool for free online video creation. FlexClip was born with the aim of providing users with the simple, user friendly and intuitive interface as possible. It is a perfect tool for those who have no technical or design skills and want to independently create engaging and professional animated presentations. You can upload your own videos and photos, add text, and insert music or a watermark to take your video to the next level. In just a few minutes, users can create and edit a video in HD quality.

2) Videolicious

It is a very useful app to create professional videos directly with the smartphone. The cut is decidedly journalistic and the graphic interface is simple to use. Videos can be edited using the material in your smartphone. The app is available for iPhone and iPad and is free. However, it has a cost for professional use.


It is an online tool that allows you to create movies by mixing videos, images, music and text in a personalized way and thanks to an intuitive and simple to use interface. The service provides a rich library of pre-set multimedia elements and videos from BS News, BBC Motion Gallery, China Central Television, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and other archives. It is of course also possible to upload videos from your computer to create a completely customized movie. There are also various sound tracks, frames and video effects.

4) Kizoa

An application born as a video editor and today allows you to process images very easily. You can cut clips to apply special effects, to overlay music and audio. And it comes with hundreds of templates, animations and customizable options. The basic functions are free while the advanced ones are charged.

5) Animoto

Free program that allows you to create videos from images saved on a PC or on social networks or online photo services such as Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket. This application, simple and immediate, allows you to create movies in various resolutions and according to the destination (web and mobile device, DVD, or in HD for cinema and TV). The particularity of Animoto is the ability to select music, associate it with images and text, and automatically create the timing of transitions. The App for iPhone and iPad is also available. It can be a great service for creating slideshows and video presentations of effect.

If an image says more than 1,000 words, an animation conveys an idea. Try any one of above programs to create your own fantastic videos now.

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