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Sunday, April 28, 2019

How to Get NETFLIX, SPOTIFY and NORDVPN Cracked Accounts [PREMIUM]

As you an active person on the Internet, you may want sometimes to use websites and apps that need paid accounts but you do not have the money. Therefore, I'll explain how to get dozens of paid accounts for many websites and applications including NETFLIX, SPOTIFY, and NORDVPN for free.

How to Get NETFLIX, SPOTIFY and NORDVPN Cracked Accounts [PREMIUM]

You will find thousands of paid and regular accounts for many sites and applications in addition to [BIN] which are updated in a weekly or monthly basics.
When you access the website ( Crack4all ) for the first time, select the site you want to get its accounts. Let's take Spotify as an example; after login, Click Download to download the file [accounts downloaded in txt files] as in the image.

crackfor all spotify

After uploading we open the file and copy all the accounts in it.
Now that we have copied the accounts, we go to the second website() and select the type of accounts. In this case, we choose Spotify.

checkerz spotify

Then we paste the accounts copied from the TXT file into the first box, press the "Check" button at the bottom and the site will start checking the accounts.
Now the working and paid accounts will appear in the "premium" box as shown in the picture:

checkerz checking account

After this, you're ready to use the account.

Note: Accounts are written as follows: username or email; password
First websiteCrack4all.
Second website: Checkerz.


  1. we are unable to download any text file thanks.

  2. I cant even enter to the website , it says that its dangerous

    1. Of course it'll be considered as dangerous since it contains cracked content. Just click on 'Details' and choose to 'continue anyway'.