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Friday, June 7, 2019

How to Get Premium SPOTIFY Accounts for FREE | Cracked [2019]

Today, many artists upload their music on Spotify as an important platform to promote their albums and songs and make a profit. In reverse, fans can sign up easily and listen to +10 millions of songs. However, there are some additional wonderful features available only for premium accounts; you can get it by paying a 10$ per month. 

How to Get Premium SPOTIFY Accounts for FREE | Cracked [2019]

The problem here is that most users can afford to pay this amount monthly. Worst, Spotify may not be available in their country. So, I'll show the way to get Spotify premium account for free. 

The website we're using today is called Nulled. is a community of leaks and all the announcements that aren’t legit. The website is specially built for the leaks, trips, and trick that aren’t available easily on the web.

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Now if you want to use the website, Click here Nulled, and follow the given steps:

1. Click on Create an Account.

search bar on spotify

2. Then fill all your details correctly.

filli in boxes on nulled

3. After this, you will receive a link of verification at your entered e-mail.
4. Go to search bar and search for 'Spotify'.

search bar on spotify

5. Here, You'll find posts shared every hour and day of cracked Spotify Premium account, choose any one and click on it.

spotify premium account on nulled

6. You can see that the post is hidden, simply leave any comment and go back to the first page.

hiddenpost on nulled

spotify premium account on nulled

7. Now that you have copied the accounts, go to this website: Checkerz; and select the type of accounts. In our case, we choose Spotify. This way you can save time when trying accounts.

checkerz on spotify

8. Paste copied accounts into the first box, press the "Check" button at the bottom and the site will start checking the accounts.
Now the working and paid accounts will appear in the "premium" box as shown in the picture:

Check premium account on spotify

After this, you're ready to use the account.

Note: YOU CAN GET BANNED: When the website finds out that you are inactive or you aren’t contributing much then they can ban you as your leecher would decrease and this is regarded as an increase in spam. 

Here are steps to permanently use cracked Spotify account for free:

1. Crack a Spotify account and make sure its a family owned.

2. Login on it and check what region the cracked account is in settings page (VERY IMPORTANT)

3. Use VPN to change your IP to the same country as the cracked account is. No need to do this if you live in the same country because Spotify doesn't log IPS.

4. Login on the cracked account and go to this section of Spotify managing account: Spotify; then click manage family members and add yourself. 
(The best for this are accounts with free slots for family members because you can add yourself without removing anyone else, if you do remove someone else they're going to find out so you won't use Spotify much longer.)

5. Login on your normal account
6. Go to the settings page and change your country to the same as the cracked account is.
7. Click the link you received in your email.
8. They will ask you to confirm your address but you don't need to put owner's address here, just need to be real, existing address in that country.

So go to this website: Fake it; and use some address given by that website.

9. Enjoy FREE PREMIUM Music.


  1. I have problems with the step 6 , please chre7li tari9a !

  2. When you click on a post and it's hidden, you gotta leave any comment under it and then go back to th first page of the post and you'll see the accounts. If you're still facing issues, contact me on my page so I can explain more.