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Monday, July 22, 2019

FlexClip: Create Professional Videos Online | No Installation [FREE]

There is no doubt that the video has become one of the most important ways to deliver information or promote products. There is so many software around Internet to create videos and edit it.

FlexClip: Create Professional Videos Online | No Installation [FREE]

There are simple to medium to professional programs that require experience and time in order to master it in addition to high-quality computers. But what if you want to make a short video and online without using your computer?

It's very possible now and there are many web applications that let you do this easily, including FlexClip, an online video editor that provides a series of clips and preloaded resources that are easy to use.

flexclip features

FlexClip is free and only requires setting up an account. Once you access FlexClip, the interface will provide you with a series of ready-to-use presets. You can create videos of all kinds: commercial, educational, family, and any other occasion that comes to mind.

flexclip dashboard

Inside the interface, you'll find the timeline for your project, where you can insert videos, photos, and other wallpapers. Of course, FlexClip allows us to place audio tracks in your videos. Its database is very fun, but nothing prevents you from uploading your own MP3 audio.

flexclip exporting video

  FlexClip provides three options when exporting: 480 pixels, 720 pixels and 1080 pixels. The limited feature in the site is the video duration, which should not exceed 5 minutes.

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