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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Create your Own Personalized E-Signature For FREE

If you are someone working on Internet, a doctor or a researcher, there are chances that you send a lot of emails online, and you certainly need a special e-signature to put under these emails. if you want to do, keep reading this blog-post.

Create your Own Personalized E-Signature For FREE

We will use a site called mylivesignature. MyLiveSignature is a free service that generates life like handwriting signatures within a second. It has created more than 7 million 900 thousand signatures and the number is always increasing. When you open the website, it will appear with you in the following form and to begin creating your signature just click on start now:

mylivesignature home page

Then you will see an interface asking you to choose the type of signature you want to create, meaning you can choose to create an e-mail signature and you can always put it in emails, or you can also choose to create a normal signature as in real life. In our case, we will choose to create a normal signature and press start As the picture:

create your new signautre

Then, the site will ask you to write your name and will give you approximately 120 different signatures in terms of design and shape, the final signature they produce is an image file with either a transparent or a colored background

download your e signature

And if you want to create an e-mail signature, it will be very different as you will be asked to enter your logo, location, address, phone number and some information that helps in creating the signature as big companies do.

get your email e-signature

Get your e-signature: MyLiveSignature

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