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Friday, August 23, 2019

DesignEvo: Design PRO Logo, Brandmark, or Favicon for FREE [IN 1 MIN ONLY]

If you have no design skill but hope to get a logo, brandmark, and favicon for your web page, you’ve come to the right place! - Today, we’ll present you a wonderful, partial-free tool online - DesignEvo logo maker - and have all these things made in less than 1 minute!

DesignEvo: Design PRO Logo, Brandmark, or Favicon for FREE [IN 1 MIN ONLY]

1 - About DesignEvo Logo Maker

DesignEvo logo maker is the tool that we introduced a year ago. This year, they release a big update by adding a professional logo library and optimizing its overall performance. Let’s check its big updates now!

1.1.DesignEvo Logo Library – 10,000 + Logo Templates for Your Customization

DesignEvo Logo Library – 10,000 + Logo Templates for Your Customization

Enter DeisgnEvo. Soon you’ll be taken to its template page, where you can run a search for any keyword, i.e.,”technology”, “internet”,”clothing”, “shopping”, “child”, “cat”, etc. DesignEvo will show you the logo ideas under your chosen category.

By clicking or favoring a logo, it will require you to register a free account to move ahead. Registration is quite delightful - Input any email account and a random password. Then, you will enter the logo design interface, or save the logo to your account(when you click the heart icon on the top right of a logo).

DesignEvo Major Optimizations

1.2.DesignEvo Major Optimizations

The current DesignEvo outperforms the last year version at these aspects: 

  • a.Navigation user experience.
  • b.Fonts for logos.
  • c.Save what you design to your account.
  • d.Downloads support high-res PNG and vector files including SVG & PDF.

The navigation user experience is wonderful, and you won’t get stuck in your design anymore. The current version of DesignEvo includes more professional fonts for logos, and you can have more options when you would like to try another font on your logo text or slogan. 

The cooler thing is its cloud save feature. It enables you to access all of your previous logo designs whenever you like.

For those need high-res logo images or vector files, DesignEvo offers 2 upgrade packages in its download option, and the upgrade pricing is inexpensive when you refer to Wix logo services. If you don’t like spending a penny, then DesignEvo leaves you the free download option. (NO WATERMARK!)

2. How to Make A Logo, Brandmark, or Favicon for Website within 1 Min, in DesignEvo? 

We will show you how to make a logo, brandmark or favicon for web page, by taking an example of making a Technology web.

First thing first, we must design a logo for Technology web: 

When we have no idea of how to name Technology web, then we may take ideas from free name generators

Check out: Namelix: Get a Brandable Business Name using AI for FREE

Step 1: With things prepared, land and hit [Make a Free Logo]. Then search “technology” or “tech”, we’ll have thousands of logo templates for selection.

technology” or “tech

Step 2: Input your logo text and slogan. (If you don’t like slogan showing in your logo, just select slogan part and keystroke “Delete”. ) 
Step 3: Adjust, preview, and download your logo.

To make a brandmark, you can just delete the logo letters and change the size of canvas. It’s the same when you only want the lettermark, you can realize it by deleting graphics parts.

3. Finally 

DesignEvo is a practical, lovely logo maker with ease of access. Usually, users can finish a logo, logomark, letter mark or favicon within 1 min. Thanks to its online setup, you don’t need to waste time and PC resource to download and install a logo maker. 

Hope you find the tip helpful. If any question or advice, don’t hesitate to leave in the comment section down below.

Exclusively, if you want to get DesignEvo Plus logo for free, so make sure to follow me on both my Youtube channel and Instagram account, then send me a direct message on Instagram. There only 10 licenses for DesdignEvo Plus, so be quick. 
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