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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Study: Want More Views for your Videos on YouTube? Use these keywords

If you create content on YouTube, you know that tags are necessary for your videos to get more views.

Study: Want More Views for your Vdeos on YouTube? Use these keywords

In this sense, Pew Research used its own mapping technique to develop a new study based on successful YouTube channels (with at least 250,000 subscribers) and reached some interesting conclusions about keywords.
As a point of interest, the study shows that videos aimed at children were highly popular, as were those that featured children under the age of 13 – regardless of their intended audience.
On the other hand, YouTube videos with the words "Fortnite" and "prank" or "joke" in the title recorded five times (x5) more views than those who did not include them.

In particular, videos that mention 'Fortnite' video game have a greater increase compared to other videos.

These are the most successful keywords by study:

Beauty and Fashion Section:

Video Games Section:
Fortnite, FIFA, team, funny, moment

 Department of Music or Dance:
Lyrics, song, feat., Remix, cover

Creativity, Skill or Learning:
Easy / easy, tutorial, kid / child

Other keywords succeeded:
ASMR, challenge, prank / joke, superhero / superhero, box

On the other hand, creators seem to have found that embedding children in their videos increases their views. A family channel on The Ace Family has collected more than 16 million subscribers in less than three years. Even Jake Paul, the controversial brother of Logan Paul, also did this tactic in some of his videos.

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