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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New: Make Money Uploading PDF Files [NO MORE YOUTUBE / ADSENSE]

Recently, earning from Internet has become more complicated than it was before. As an example, to start making money on Youtube you gotta have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours; So, every day I look for other ways to make profit easier and without restrictions.
So, I wanted you to know that this website works the same as Youtube, but instead of uploading videos, you upload pdf files.

New: Make Money Uploading PDF Files [NO MORE YOUTUBE / ADSENSE]

First, create an account on the site. You can sign up through my referral link in order to support me; You can also register using your Facebook or Google account. Then, activate your account via your email.
The image below shows the registration page.

login in brry

Then, you can adjust your settings on the site and add the payment method. LBRRY supports PayPal, Bitcoin, and Western Union.

payment method in brry

When you complete these steps. Search in Google for books, novels, stories or any files in general that are popular and people request them heavily in pdf format. You can either use Facebook groups or forums on Internet. Then, upload these books on the website using good keywords.
The image below shows the file upload page.

upload book on brry

Viewers and downloads are counted and you'll 60% of ads appearing on the download page.  The website has a great control panel that allows you to monitor your earnings and monitor the cost of impressions per 1000 views.

payment proof on brry

The minimum payout is 50$.
If you want to support me, please use my referral link: LBRRY

Guest post by Ahmed Yassin
All the data shown in the photos are legit.

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