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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How to Transfer Windows 10 to New Hard Drive without FORMAT (HDD/SSD Disk)

Once you buy an SSD hard disk, the first thing you think about is replacing the old HDD disk with it, given the efficiency of the SSD in terms of writing and reading speed. Now, you may think of formating your Windows pc and losing all data in order to change hard disk; but, you can simply move all system files from HDD to SSD using EaseUS Todo Backup software without the need to format your computer.

How to Transfer Windows 10 to New Hard Drive without Formatting (HDD/SSD Disk)

Todo Backup Free of EaseUS is a free program, and of course with paid version too. However, we can transfer files from a disk to another using the free version only.

First, download Todo Backup Free of EaseUS. After accessing the official site, it will be required to enter your email only, then choose the free version as indicated in the image, and the program will be downloaded. The size does not exceed 94 MB.

After downloading the program, you run it and choose the language that you want to run in, then install it normally. If you're asked to enter the activation code, just skip it by 'Later'.

This is the interface of the program, simple and easy to use. In order to transfer Windows system files from a hard disk to another, click first on the menu button on the top left, then choose 'Clone'.

You will see a page with all the hard drives connected to your computer.

Important note: If your computer is connected to more than one hard disk, delete all hard disks and only leave the disk with the "main" Windows system and the disk you want to transfer to the Windows system so that other disk won't confuse you.

First, select the hard disk with the Windows system and click Next. Second, select the hard disk on which you want to move the Windows system, then click Next.

Finally, you click on Proceed and the program will start transferring Windows system files from the HDD to the SSD. The process will take a long time depending on the specs of your computer.

When the process is completed, restart your computer and it'll work smoothly as if nothing has changed besides the enhanced speed of SSD disk. For HDD disk, you can format it and use it only to store data and files.

Download: Todo Backup Free of EaseUS.

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