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Saturday, August 1, 2020

5KPlayer: The Video and Music Player Right for Your PC/Mac

Today to process any digital media content there are two solutions: do it with one of the many software available or use one of the many online tools. To watch offline videos, however, you need to rely on a reliable, stable, and secure media player. So let's talk about 5KPlayer, a 4K video player ideal for both Windows and macOS. The versatility and ease of use make 5KPlayer one of that indispensable software to have installed on your PC.


5KPlayer: The Video and Music Player Right for Your PC/Mac

Why choose 5KPlayer?

We have said that there are many video players out there, which is why the choice between which to install on your PC can be particularly difficult. So let's see the main features of 5KPlayer that should convince us of why choose this software instead of others. Before reviewing the main features and functionality of this software, it is needed to remember how, in order to correctly evaluate a program of this type, one must not only focus on the number of features but on their quality and relevance to the real needs of those who choose to use it. And also in this sense, 5KPlayer promises very well indeed.

Play Video

The main problem in video players and that 5KPlayer easily exceeds, is given by the compatibility with the different video formats. So much so that sometimes it happens that you have to play a multimedia format and not be able to view it correctly with the traditional video player. 5KPlayer in this sense is a perfect UHD player and h264 player, ideal for playing large videos and DVDs. It also supports h.265 & h.264, 10-bit HEVC (HDR), AV1 videos and allows you to view streaming video. 5KPlayer is therefore a 4K player for Windows and a 4K player for mac. Permanently forgetting the problems of unsupported video files, in which only the audio is heard or only the video is seen, there are green bands or any other element that disturbs the correct reproduction.

Not just Videos

Despite the name being taken for granted, video players are often software capable of playing audio files as well. 5KPlayer is no different, allowing you to play musical songs saved in AAC, MP3, FLAC, ACR, WMA, and many other formats. In addition, 5KPlayer also allows you to convert musical songs, choosing the best encoding without reducing the sound quality.


DLNA and AirPlay

With 5KPlayer, you can share the iPhone and iPad screen on your computer (both Windows and Mac) during mirroring thanks to the support of AirPlay. Also, you can use the software that streams music to play songs from a mobile device to computer and vice versa, but also from and to consoles (PS4 and Xbox) and Smart TV). With 5KPlayer you can also listen to satellite radio stations, choosing from the main preset channels or directly entering the URL of the desired radio station.

In addition, it can also download videos from online websites, as well as edit the video to extend your multimedia enjoyment. A truly complete software that accumulates the main functions of the best video and audio players in a single reality. You can download it to Windows and Mac for free.

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