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Monday, August 3, 2020

How to Track your Partner/Kid's Phone Remotely [SECRETLY]

With a great diversity of monitoring apps available on the market, it is tough to figure out which ones are worthwhile. Here we will talk about CatWatchful monitoring app to help you understand the central ups and downs of this app.

What is CatWatchful?

CatWatchful is a reliable monitoring application for Android devices which provides a high level of control for parents to ensure kids are safe and protected. 

It is available for rooted/ not rooted Android 4+. Using CatWatchful parents can gain more control over the mobile devices of their kids. It helps parents to stay on the top of both online and offline activities of their kids and prevent unwanted exposure.  The key features include the monitoring of texts, calls, GPS location, browsing history, and other actions on their kid’s device.

All the information captured from your target device is sent to your virtual Control Panel so you can access it at any convenient time from any browser. CatWatchful goes above and beyond to provide complete satisfaction to all its users. 

What are CatWatchful features?

CatWatchful has a significant number of features to help parents out to understand how their kids use their devices and prevent unwanted exposure. Here is a list of all available functions: 

Spy Camera 

Using Spy Camera, it is possible to take full control of all pictures that have been taken by both front and rear camera on your target device. Also, this feature enables you to take real-time screenshots to figure out where your target device is at this very moment. You can access these details from any time and anywhere and upload these details on your PC. 

Record Surroundings 

CatWatchful allows you to record target device surroundings in real-time. It is possible to activate the microphone on your target smartphone remotely and always know what is going around them. You can set a specific period when you want to record surroundings, e.g., when your kid is at school or when your kid is hanging around with their friends. All the recording will be uploaded to your virtual Control Panel and will be available for listening at any convenient time.  

Screen Captures 

This application is able to take screenshots during all day and stay on the top of all things that happen on your target device in real-time. You can always see the screen of your target device at any given moment. The received information gives you an ability always to ensure that they are not involved in any nasty things on their devices. All captured pictures will be saved to your virtual Control Panel and can be downloaded to your computer at any time you want.  

Live File Explorer 

You never know what your kids may store on their devices. For example, sexually explicit photos or inappropriate videos. These are only a few examples of what you may find there. While you may think that it will never happen to your kid, still it is better to control what they may keep on their devices. CatWatchful helps you out to check all files on your target device to keep you updated with everything that was downloaded, uploaded, and deleted on your kid’s device. You can control and manage all files remotely in real-time to ensure your kids are safe and not involved in nasty things like sexting or cyberbullying. 

Real-time GPS Location 

This feature helps to monitor GPS location on your target device in real-time or during a specific period. It enables you to have clear insights about where your kids have been and their current whereabouts. Apart from tracking your kid’s device, CatWatchful can also locate lost or stolen devices so you can quickly get it back. All the data is available from your virtual Control Panel at any time you want. 

And many more features that you can discover in the video below, as well as the way to configure it on the target phone.

Download it now: Catwatchful

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