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Monday, November 16, 2020

How to STOP your Android Phone from Spying and Tracking [HACKED]

Worried about your cell phone's privacy? You should be! Everyone out there is trying to tap into your phone and home computer to try and keep track of you so they can either sell you something or build a statistic based on your habits. But you don't have to be helpless, there are things you can do to protect your phone.

How to STOP your Android Phone from Spying and Tracking [HACKED]

It's not always known whether or not your smartphone is accessing the microphone or the front-facing camera. 

We expect it to only happen when prompted, but that isn't always the case. Since most devices don't come with visual indicators for these things, we need to look to 3rd-party applications instead. We've seen this feature in MIUI before, in ColorOS, and in iOS. 

But now Android has an easier way to get visual notices when the camera or mic is being accessed. It can be done by installing this application from the Google Play Store.

Access Dots, adds the same iOS 14 style indicators (few pixels light up as a dot) to the top right (default) corner of your screen whenever any third-party App uses your phone's camera or microphone. Access Dots will be visible even on your lockscreen!

Download: Access Dots

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