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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Top 5 iOS Emulators for Windows To Explore iOS Apps and Games on PC

 Well, admit it. iPhones or iPads are costly and it will dig a deep hole in your pocket to get hands-on one of these devices. Yet, all of us wish to own an iPhone or iPad someday. However, if you can’t afford to buy one right now but still want to explore the iOS environment, then check out some of the best iOS emulators for Windows available out there. iOS emulator for Windows is an ideal way to enjoy the amazing apps and games available exclusively for iOS devices without owning the iPhone itself.

Top 5 iOS Emulators for Windows To Explore iOS Apps and Games on PC

For those who are interested in testing out their iOS apps or wish to play some games exclusively available for iOS devices can opt for iOS emulators in Windows.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows

Check out these ten iOS Emulators for Windows to explore the world of iOS without owning an iDevice:

5. iPadian

iPadian is the most popular iOS emulator available out there. It offers a customizable, user-friendly interface that purely resembles and feels like iOS. This program also brings in some amazing features of Apple’s latest iOS version to the Windows platform with just a simple install. You can explore the iOS world of amazing apps and games, as well as use or play with those apps or games from your Windows computer using this iOS emulator for Windows.

Check it now: iPadian

4. AIR iPhone

Air iPhone iOS emulator for Windows is supported by Adobe AIR framework and lets you access all the basic apps normally available on iOS devices. AIR iPhone basically creates a virtual interface on your Windows PC that resembles iPhone. I recommend AIR iPhone for those who are looking for an iOS emulator that could replicate the iOS interface in the best possible way.

Check it now: AIR iPhone

3. is a multi-functional online iOS emulator for Windows that would let you install iOS apps on your PC. In addition to iOS apps, can also run Android apps to help you get the perks of both the worlds. The app is specifically designed for developers which they can use to test apps. You can also use Appetize program on your own data center or a private cloud to develop iOS as well as Android apps efficiently.

Check it now:

2. iPhone Simulator

As the name suggests, iPhone Simulator imitates the UI and functionalities of an actual iPhone on your Windows PC, when installed and launched. With the help of iPhone Simulator, you can check out your favorite iOS apps and games from your Windows PC itself. This program is also best for developers who are looking for a decent platform to test their apps.

Check it now: iPhone Simulator is yet another online iOS emulator that is quite easy to use. It is a wonderful program to test your iOS apps as well as explore the world of iOS. Just upload your .apk or .appi bundles on to the program and run. With cloud integration, you can also stream the mobile apps to any device as well. You can enjoy various functions such as app previews, testing, and demos with the help of this amazing iOS emulator for Windows.

Check it now:

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