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Monday, July 19, 2021

Kwai: Verified App to Make Money from watching videos (TikTok Competitor)

 If at any time you have come across any advertisement by Kwai, the social network of short videos, whose publicity has informed you about the possibility of winning money by the app, know it's true. That's because the rival of TikTok has a rewards program for its users: for each task completed, the individual receives Kwai Golds — app-specific currency — which can be converted into real money.

And no, you don't have to be an influencer with thousands (or even millions) of followers for that. Just perform simple tasks like daily check-in in the app, watch videos in Kwai itself, invite new friends, record your own content, among other activities.

In some cases, Kwai rewards completed tasks in reais. In others, the user will receive amounts in Kwai Golds. Ten thousand Kwai Golds are equivalent to R$1.

From time to time, the app promotes new campaigns that can increase your rewards earnings. From the 4th until the next Thursday (10), for example, Kwai can grant up to R$ 2.400 to users who manage to promote the social network to new people.

Kwai has been rewarding users who perform small tasks in the app. Photo: Alison Nunes Calazans/Shutterstock

In fact, this is part of the app's strategy of attracting new users while maintaining the activity of old customers. It has worked.

Between May and July 2020 alone, Kwai gained around 20 million users in Brazil, which gives a dimension of how many tips the Chinese have already granted to individuals who use the app.

If you want to know ways to earn money in the app, follow the tutorial below. Just don't expect to become a millionaire or make a lot of money overnight. The process requires daily efforts and engagements from acquaintances and friends, in addition to the need to be over 18 years old.

How to make money on the Kwai app

By subscribing to the app

First of all, you need to create an account. For this, download and register with Kwai.

Right on your first access, Kwai will reward you for it, granting R$1 in your account. Simply tap on your avatar's icon or photo and click on the currency icon, located at the top of the screen, to enter the Financial Center and view your balance.

If you have used someone else's invitation, by linking the code, another R$1 will appear in your balance.

Daily check-in

Another way to earn money in the app is based on daily check-in. Completing the task yields amounts in Kwai Golds.

By the way, in certain check-ins, the user can open “treasure chests”. With luck, the individual can earn up to 30 coins from the app in each chest. After the 7th consecutive check-in, a new cycle is started.

To perform the action, enter the Financial Center and tap the option to check-in.

Inviting friends

Not counting the tips offered to the great content producers of the app, this is perhaps the way in which the user can earn more money with Kwai.

In your Financial Center, there is an invitation code to be sent to new users. By clicking "Invite", you can share the link through the WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and other social networks.

For each new user who downloads the app and links your code, Kwai can pay you from R$3 to R$9. If third parties continue to use the app for three, six or ten consecutive days, the app will grant you new ones bonus (one for each period).

The greater the number of people you invite, the more attractive the tips will be — during the current campaign, for example, it is possible to earn up to R$ 534 if the 15th friend performs all the tasks.

Watching videos

Yes, it is possible to earn money by watching Kwai content. The amounts, however, will be small — around 50 Kwai Golds per spin. To do this, simply access your Financial Center and locate the resource.

Naturally, it will not be possible to accumulate amounts in the same video. There is a kind of “clock” that tells the time: at each lap, a new tip is given. If the timer is paused, just scroll the feed to watch new content.

Recording videos

And, of course, there is the possibility of being monetized when producing content for Kwai. In the case of influencers, the app analyzes how many followers the profile has to measure the reach of the content produced. Those who have more than 100 followers, for example, can receive approximately R$4 per month.

However, if you are not an internet celebrity, it is possible to earn tips for specific activities. Kwai tends, from time to time, to create actions for videos with a certain filter or with a specific theme.

It can be a great opportunity to run errands and get a little more tips.

How to redeem accumulated money

Redemption is simple and can be done via PIX, bank transfer or electronic wallet transactions.

However, it is worth noting that redemptions are limited to withdrawals R$0,5 (only on the first withdrawal), R$1,5, R$5, R$10 and R$20. And it is possible to make only one withdrawal per day. In the case of influencers, who have high numbers of indication, it is possible to make daily withdrawals of R$ 500.

To convert Kwai Golds into reais, the process can only be done from 100 Kwai Golds, which are equivalent to R$ 0,01.

To do both processes, just enter the Financial Center and tap on “Withdraw” next to “My Account”. Once this is done, define whether you want to withdraw the amount from the balance or convert Kwai Golds into reais.

It is still possible to use the balance for mobile recharges, depending on your operator.

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