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Monday, August 2, 2021

How To Sell Unlimited Google Drive Accounts on EBAY | HOW TO GET IT

Over the past few years, Google, Microsoft, and even Apple have been pushing cloud storage as a safe and secure method to store our data online while also allowing for quick and simple file sharing. Google Drive has been one of the leaders in the space for quite some time, offering free storage tiers to anyone who has a Google/Gmail account, allowing them to send large email attachments, store full-resolution photos in Google Photos or simply to back up important files from their smartphones or computers.

Google charges users between $1.9-287 per month depending on the storage package they had registered. The highest storage package that Google offers to individual users is up to 30TB that they can purchase monthly or yearly.  But recently, a series of Facebook fan pages featuring Google Drive logos advertised the same services at a lower price.  Sellers stated to be "Google agents", which allows them unlimited accounts at a cheaper price, adding they "have met Google's strict policy conditions."   If you wonder how they get these accounts, or how to sell them on eBay, Fiverr or AliExpress then watch the video above to see how.

While having an online cloud storage solution is great, the amount of data that we have is continually growing and the free Google Drive is limited to 15GB of storage. Google does offer paid storage options as well, ranging from 100 GB to 30 TB with their personal or family plans, but prices can quickly get out of control once you get past the 2 TB tier.

The good news is that there’s a secret option that will give you unlimited Google Drive storage for free and sell it on eBay, Fiverr, or AliExpress in order to make money on it. 

Here's alit of websites used to get the unlimited google drive:

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