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Thursday, November 25, 2021

How to Get (.edu) Student Email Address for FREE | 2021 [PROOF]

When you become a student of a particular university or college, you will have a .edu email account with your name, for example, But if you are not a student and want a free .edu email then this article is for you. And yes, this method is 100% free and working.

How to Get (.edu) Student Email Address for FREE | 2021 [PROOF]

1. GitHub Student Developer Pack

The first and biggest benefit of having a .EDU email address is the GitHub Student Developer Pack, the best free developer tools, and services for students. This student pack comes with 12 great offers and free services that may be useful to you, such as $15 Amazon AWS coupon, $50 Digital Ocean coupon and much more.

Take a look at the list below:

  • $15 Amazon AWS coupon
  • $50 Digital Ocean coupon. It will be expired within 12 months after adding to your account – new account only.
  • Bitnami: Offers the Business 3 plan for one year that typically cost $49 per month.
  • DNSimple: Offers the Personal hosted DNS plan for two years that typically charge $5 per month.
  • GitHub: Offers unlimited private repositories while you are a student. Normally, GitHub charges $7 per month.
  • A suite of Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer tools: Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Community and the rest of Microsoft developer tools, while you are a student.
  • Offer one year .ME domain name registration that costs $18.99 per year – and one year SSL certificate that costs $10 per year.

2. Amazon Student Pack

When you use a .EDU email account and sign up for Amazon Student account – you will be able to use Amazon Prime for free for six months, which has many benefits:

Free TWO-DAY shipping on many Amazon products.
Get unlimited instant streaming of movies, TV shows, and music.
Access exclusive deals for students.
Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Prime Photos.

3. Apple

You will help yourself saving a lot of money by using the '.EDU' email address to purchase products from Apple. There are changes to save up to $200 on Apple computers.

Benefits list of .edu email is not limited in these only there are many other benefits like free domain name and much more.

Now let's enter into the subject matter. How to get free .edu email. Follow the step below carefully to create a free .edu email. Every step I'm doing is enough explicated so you can do everything right. 
Please follow every instruction by not skipping any minute. Also, if you want to discover a new way to earn money on Ebay, watch my previous video on how to sell '.edu.' emails.

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Get Edu Email from here: Edu Email

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