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Friday, March 11, 2022

How to Transfer Blogger Website to WordPress [100% SEO]

 So why would you want to move from Blogger to WordPress?

Well, the biggest reason is because of the flexibility and customization that WordPress has to offer. WordPress comes with over 50,000 plugins that allow you to have infinite control over the functionality of your website.

How to Transfer Blogger Website to WordPress

To move this site to WordPress, we're going to take 4 steps:

1. Take our Blogger site and save it into a file

2. Install WordPress to a new site

3. Upload that blogger file into WordPress to display our site.

4. redirect your old links to the new site.

Step #1. Save Your Blogger Site into a File

So just go over to blogger, and make sure you have the correct blog selected (at the top left)

Then go to settings - Other - Backup Content - Save to your computer

Step #2. Install WordPress to a new site

Okay so to install WordPress to a new site, we'll need to do 3 things:

1. Get Web Hosting

Web hosting is where you store all of your website files. It also provides you with 24/7 customer support in case your website were to ever go down. Web hosting is 100% necessary if you want to own your own professional website.

2. Get a custom domain name

3. Install WordPress on that new domain

So first, let's get web hosting. To do this, just click:

And I do get a commission when you use that link, but it also saves you a lot of money by using my discount code 'GeekBlooging' to get 15% OFF!

And now you can choose a new domain name. And don’t forget to get domain privacy protection!

Then just fill out the rest of your information and checkout.

Step #3 Upload Our Blogger File Into WordPress

So to do this, just go to Tools - Import

"Install Now" Underneath Blogger - Then "Run Importer"

Choose File - Upload File and Import - Submit

How to Change Your Theme:

Go back to WordPress dashboard - Themes - Add New

Type “Astra” into the search bar then Install - Activate

And if you'd like to edit the header, such as the logo, menu, and overall style... you can just click on the "customize" button.

Step #4  Redirect Your Old Blogger Links 

So to do this, first, we need to tell WordPress to match our new website links with the old blogger links.

WordPress dashboard - settings - change timezone (CDT) - Save

Permalinks (on the Left) - Month and Name (because this is the same the format that blogger uses and we need them to be the same)

Save changes

So now that we've got all of our settings matching, we need to install a plugin that will actually redirect the links.

Plugins - Add New

Search for "Blogger to Wordpress" (Make sure it’s by rtCamp)

Install - Activate

Next, go to Tools - Blogger to WordPress Redirection

Start configuration

Click "Get Code" next to the correct blogger site

Copy the code

Go back to Blogger, then go to Theme

Click the 3 little dots next to your current them - Edit HTML

Select everything in this HTML box, and delete it.

Paste new code - Save

Alright now, all your old links should be redirected.

And you’re all set!

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