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Giveaway from GeekBlooging

Since I started my Youtube channel, I've always wanted to organize a giveaway as a way to thank all my subscribers and followers; but I wasn't able to do so, neither what to give you. However, since I started this series of videos talking about the way to get and benefit from student email; dozens of you ask me every day for an edu email. 

So, I decided to run this little giveaway where I'm giving away dozens of EDU emails that worth 5$ each on Ebay. The student email numbers are nearly unlimited and will increase depending on your engagement.

Surely, this won't the only giveaway since it's a kind of experiment; if this goes well, I'll do for more and more often even more valuables prices soon enough.

So, in order to participate, you should subscribe to my channel on Youtube:

Second, follow me on Instagram: 
Finally, verify by clicking the button below: